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Tips for Cycling Safely

Cycling is a speedy way to travel, and a fantastic way to raise your heart rate during your commute. Often, cycling can be faster than using the car - you can avoid the traffic jams and make use of the greenways and paths the borough has to offer.

We’ve put together some tips to help you stay safe and feel confident when cycling around our borough:

  • Wear a helmet! Wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the risk of head injuries in case of an accident. It’s crucial to make sure that helmets are properly fitted. They should sit snugly on your head and cover your forehead. Please watch the short video from Cycle-Smart to find out more.
  • Keep your bicycle in great condition: Regular bike maintenance not only makes your bicycle last longer but also means a safer ride. Make sure brakes, gears, tyres and lights are in good working order. Not confident in maintaining your bike yourself? Keep an eye on our events page for details of our next Dr Bike event, or take your bicycle to your local bike shop. 
  • Pedal Responsibly: Remember, when you’re on a bicycle, you’re sharing the road or path with other people and/or vehicles. It’s important to obey traffic rules, like:
  • Stopping at red lights;
  • Giving way to pedestrians,
  • Indicating your turns using hand gestures.
  • Be Aware of Blind Spots: Make sure you ride a safe distance away from vehicles when you’re on the road. If you need to pass a vehicle, make sure it’s safe to proceed and pass quickly and assertively. Avoid riding up the inside of large vehicles such as buses and HGVs as you may be in their blind spot or they may be turning left and need more room. 
  • Plan Your Journey Wisely: Whenever possible, opt for designated bike lanes, shared pathways, or quieter streets with slower traffic. Plan your route ahead of time using our journey planner.

Enjoy exploring our borough via bicycle and stay safe!