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Transition Workshops with Year 6 at Earley St Peter's Primary School

19th-25th November was Road Safety Week and My Journey held a number of assemblies in the borough.  We visited Earley St Peter's during road safety week where we spoke to Year 6 pupils about road safety and awareness of travelling to school independently. They were made aware of the potential risks and the common causes children face on their walk to school.

We considered the safety measures put into place and discussed possible secondary schools children may go to, and the safest route to travel to school. The children were all given a wristband to remind them to wear bright clothing particularly during the dark winter months when it is difficult for drivers to see pedestrians, to help keep them safe. 

Two road safety measures learnt by the children were:

"I found out about the importance of wearing bright coloured clothing during the winter months, as this will help the drivers to see us in the dark".

"I now understand that why crossing a road from behind or in front of the bus is not safe, and we can put ourselves in danger.”