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Sustainable Travel Assembly at Emmbrook Junior School

The My Journey Wokingham team, in partnership with Sustrans, delivered an assembly on sustainable travel to the children of Emmbrook Junior School on Tuesday, 26th June 2018. 

The children learnt about the My Journey Wokingham Project and the charity Sustrans.  They were able to describe the meaning of the word ‘sustainable’ and identified lots of different forms of sustainable travel including walking, biking, roller skating, scooting and skateboarding.  They also took part in a sustainable travel survey to determine which mode of transport they currently use to travel to school and how they would prefer to travel to school.  We learnt that many more children would prefer to cycle to school than are currently doing so. 

We presented prizes to 2 children who won a competition that we ran last term to complete the sentence ‘I like hi-vis because……’.  The winning responses were ‘I like hi-vis because  it keeps me safe from cars when I am walking, cycling or scooting because car drivers  can see me with the bright colours on’ and ‘I like hi-vis because it keeps me safe and means that I have a way to be seen in the dark by traffic.  I also like it because it means that in the winter when it gets darker earlier, if it is dark when I am walking home from school I can be seen and will be safe’.

We discussed the benefits of sustainable travel and how to stay safe by wearing hi-vis clothing to get noticed by other road users on dull days and dark nights. 

Congratulations to the winners who received bike lights, hi-vis rucksack covers and hi-vis snap bands!