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Cycle Helmet Safety Assembly at Highwood Primary School

The My Journey Wokingham Team, in partnership with Sustrans, delivered an assembly on sustainable travel and helmet safety to the children of Highwood Primary School on 2nd October 2018.

The children learnt about the My Journey Wokingham Project which encourages safe, active and sustainable travel and were able to describe different types of sustainable travel and identify why active and sustainable travel is good for us.  The children also took part in a travel survey which showed that the majority of children currently walk or get the car to school, but most children would actually prefer to ride their bikes. 

The children then learnt why it is important to wear a helmet when cycling and scooting to school and how to ensure that they are wearing their helmets correctly.  The assembly finished with a quiz where the children had to identify whether people were wearing their helmets correctly and if not, how they could correct it.

We look forward to visiting Highwood Primary again soon for a wheels breakfast to encourage as many children as possible to cycle or scoot to school.