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Cycle funded tree planting at Wood

For many of us, January is a month where we decide to turn over a new leaf. For Wood PLC they decided to take this phrase literally and started 2020 with the planting of eleven oak saplings.

The roots of this enterprise began last year. As with many businesses in the borough, Wood participated in Love to Ride’s Global Bike challenge, Cycle September. Their staff were especially enthusiastic and over the month cycled 4,279 miles. As a reward for cycling the most of any business for their size, they received a voucher for £250.

How to spend these funds though, became an issue of much thought. Due in part to the hard work of one David Robinson, the sustainable transport champion in Wood, the business already provides a lot for those actively travelling. In recent years they have expanded their secure and well stocked secure bike parking facility, and introduced pool bikes for staff use. Following on from this, they have installed changing and drying rooms and organised three lunchtime rides a week catered to a range of different skill levels. In more recent months, they have also organised buddy guidance rides, where staff who are interested in cycling to work can be shown the safest way to cycle to work in the morning.

Where then could they spend this money? David highlighted that the staff cycled to work, not only for enjoyment, and the personal health benefits it provided but also because of the positive effects it had for the environment.

“We decided that as we already have these cycling facilities, we wanted to do something else which would be positive for everyone around us. With the voucher we purchased eleven oak saplings and planted them this January.”

These native trees will grow slowly around the business, their first acorns not forming for another 50 years and finally reaching their full height in 100 years.

If you are interested in finding out more about the range of activities or initiatives your business can get involved in to promote sustainable transport, please contact us.